Welcome to Asclepius Consulting

Asclepius Consulting is one of the fastest growing Healthcare IT and Healthcare Consulting company in India.

The company owns a world class suite of hospital software products, called Charak, which is among the most comprehensive hospital management software solution in India ?capable to digitize the entire administrative and clinical workflow. Further, Asclepius has provided extensive management consulting services to Indian hospitals ?large and small- on hospital management issues like process debottlenecking, growth strategy, pricing, customer acquisition etc.

The company has installed the Charak hospital software in over 10 Indian states with hospitals ranging from 5 beds to 1700 beds, from 120 year hospitals to pre-launch hospitals, from single specialty tertiary care hospital to secondary care multispecialty hospital, from medical colleges to charity hospitals, from corporate chains to stand alone facilities, from Bangalore to Ahmedabad to Jaipur to Patna to Kolkata to Cuttack to Vijaywada. Such a rich mix of hospitals has significantly contributed in significantly improving the hospital software in incorporating all the nuances of the Indian hospital processes.

EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

Asclepius Consulting takes pride in its core Electronic Medical Record (EMR) modules, which form the backbone of its hospital software solution. The EMR modules are unique in the Indian healthcare software industry ?with significantly high usage both by the doctors as well as nurses. While it retains the clinical intelligence relevant to the hospital senior doctors, it has been designed to be simple enough for the hospital nurses to manage. The EMR captures the entire patient medical information necessary for a medical software, right from OPD to post discharge, including history, examination, diagnosis notes, ICD codes, OT notes, progress notes, ICU charts, Bed head tickets, Order details, medication administration records, radiology images etc. ?all of which consolidate to generate a pre-populated discharge summary. Such consolidated EMR allows for a patient visit wise analysis ?thereby making the medical software much more useful.

CIS (Clinical Information System)

The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) modules build the cornerstone to the unique clinical information system (CIS) modules, one of the most comprehensive clinical solutions in the Indian healthcare software space. The CIS modules are increasingly adopted by progressive hospitals to bring intelligence in the healthcare software solution ?thereby managing generic elements like drug interactions, dosage calculators, clinical protocols, care plans/ pathways, decision support and specific clinical guidelines.

Further the CIS modules enhance the healthcare software by incorporating specialty specific elements like growth charts (pediatrics), vaccination reminders, EDD reminders (obstetrics), patient education, cancer staging (oncology), chemotherapy regime (oncology) etc. The hospital software is enhanced by providing integration to suitable medical devices in the lab and radiology as well as bed side devices. Increased integration with stand alone software like PACS, bed side devices, DICOM Devices etc. allow for higher medical software usage and seamless patient care.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

The entire hospital management software is built on a strong backbone of administrative software ?which covers the end-to-end hospital processes including hospital billing, thus resulting in a completely paperless environment. Over 100 administrative modules cover the entire patient flow –even while the patient is at home and even days after discharge. The Hospital Information Systems covers all the core elements of RADT, hospital billing, material, pharmacy, lab, radiology, scheduling, appointments, queue management, task lists, doctor management, purchases, cashless insurance, regulatory compliance, quality audits, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, waste management, customer relationship management etc.

The hospital software seamlessly integrates with standalone third party software for non-patient processes like accounting (Tally integration, SAP integration) and human resources (Payroll integration).

Management Consulting for Indian Hospitals

Asclepius leverages on its extensive hospital interactions, its management consulting pedigree, insightful intellectual capital and rigorous analytic approach to offer business consulting to Indian hospitals on host of hospital management issues. Asclepius has supported leading hospitals, appearing with a piece of paper to build their business plan, raise PE funding, manage 30-60-90 day roll out plans, manage project phase, develop organization structure, build and improve hospital business processes, benchmark business processes, support growth strategy to multiple locations, drive customer acquisition strategy, define service pricing philosophies and continuously monitor performance as members of the board.

Such rich consulting portfolio is unparalleled in the Indian Healthcare Industry and is widely respected by the hospitals specifically on the domain knowledge brought by Asclepius Consulting. The focus on only Indian hospitals has made Asclepius Consulting, one of the richest resource of hospital expertise and its consulting services are consistently sought after to streamline hospital processes.

As a unique proposition, all the recommendations of Asclepius Consulting are inherently implementable ?owing to their direct manifestation through the healthcare software Charak.