Charak for Specialists

Charak suite of product help to streamline office workflow, create more complete documentation, improve patient care, reduce errors, increase patient and provider satisfaction, reduce costs associated with traditional transcription and provide patient education. Gain instant access to patient information during urgent situations.

We not only provide the above benefits but are designed to manage the unique needs of complicated specialties also. Charak is modular and configurable which helps us set the product for multiple specialties and even address the variation from one facility to other for the same specialty.

A few of the scenarios are discussed here but we are not limited only to them. Please contact us if you need your specific scenario to be addressed.


Cardiology Specific Features include all document templates as per the need here. For example, we need to do a triage across the board but the need for Cardiology is different and hence the form is made specific to the need of this specialty. There is integration with cardiac specific medical devices and also integration of Hemodynamic data.

The problem list contains value specific to cardiology. The order templates and order sets (e.g.: medication, digital x-ray images; EKGs, echo, cardiac MR and nuclear stress images) are made to the need of this specialty, that helps in faster ordering thus saving valuable time. Charak also has the capability to view the images and record reports for them.

The clinical content contains cardiology specific Clinical Practice Guidelines and specialty specific medications, drug dosage calculations, interactions with patient conditions like allergies, problems etc and other medications.


Managing women's health presents its challenges as it varies from long-term preventive care to managing acute and chronic health conditions. In addition, there is lot of documentation required to analyze visit information, to track pregnancy progress and manage risk.

Charak suite of product contains several templates uniquely designed for the OB/GYN workflow and discipline. It helps you access a comprehensive electronic health record, prenatal record and risk management plan. Electronic charting also helps in saving avoidable malpractice premiums. From the charted data, an automated antepartum summary can be created which is critical during the child birth.

Charak also provides computer based calculation for different dates including Expected Date of Delivery (EDD).

The clinical content contains specialty specific Medication & its interactions. This together with patient history helps in creating orders quickly while checking against medication interaction, allergy or lab abnormality alerts


Charak provides the entire document templates that are specific to the need of Ophthalmologist. Access to rich graphics and drawing capabilities to fully document the conditions of each patient visit. The product can meet the unique needs, decision making process and practice patterns of ophthalmologists.

The configurable workflow capability in the product helps in setting up the product for unique needs of the ophthalmologist and the hospital.

Charak has generic device interface which can be grown to include devices of your interest (i.e., auto refractor, lens meter, visual field, HRT, OCT, IOL Master, etc.).