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Asclepius Consulting is a Healthcare IT and Healthcare Consulting firm offering software products and management consulting services to Indian hospitals. It is led by a team of healthcare experts with extensive global experience in the healthcare industry.

The company owns a world class suite of Healthcare IT products, named Charak, which addresses all Clinical, Administrative (operational) and Ancillary workflow needs of the Indian hospital. This includes scheduling, diagnosis, treatments, investigations, care plans, medications, lab, radiology, discharge, billing and insurance. Charak supports hospital-wide electronic medical records (EMR) and provides care plan built on clinical protocols and guidelines.

The company adopts a collaborative approach for IT implementation. It offers consulting services on hospital process improvement and covers range of issues like de-bottlenecking, process re-design, growth strategy, organization structure and business planning. Further, it works together with the clients to identify the IT enablement opportunities impacting the process improvement exercise.    

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  • New business planning
  • Business process re-design
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Organization structure
  • Clinical workflow re-design
  • Business planning
  • World class healthcare IT systems built for Indian hospital workflows
  • Focus on clinical information systems (CIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Includes HIS, LIS and IIS solutions
  • Robust solutions built on six sigma methodology
  • Customized IT solution for specific needs of the hospital
  • Synergizes with Charak to support additional processes, reports, MIS etc.
  • High quality solution built on extensive Indian healthcare IT expertise
  • Six sigma software design and development methodology to ensure world class software
  • Hand-holding the client organization during process transition
  • Training programs and workshops for Healthcare IT
  • Change management and communication programs
  • Annual maintenance support and regular upgrades
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