Made to order software solutions (MTOSS)


Asclepius understands that the healthcare space is very vast and there are varying technological needs. Wherever needed, Asclepius takes custom assignments in the space of healthcare delivery. Given the deep healthcare industry knowledge and expertise in IT delivery, the Asclepius team is uniquely qualified to undertake specific assignments- offering IT backed solutions. The team of world class developers and management consultants leverage extensive global best practices and technology to develop robust, simple and innovative solutions.

The assignments have synergy with Asclepius' Charak suite of product and contribute towards making the product richer and better. These assignments will be done typically for those customers who want more from the existing modules in Charak or a completely new module that enhances the product further. Asclepius also takes those assignments where the end solution although is not directly related with Charak but when it co - exists with Charak, it enhances the total value offered to the customers.

The customers to these offering can be hospitals, research or academic institutes or other resellers in the healthcare space.

These assignments follow Asclepius' normal model of delivery. We design new process, if existing - we analyze the gaps in existing process and build our recommendations. However, this step may be skipped if our customers or partners have already completed this exercise. Once the requirements are frozen, Asclepius' team of developer completes the development activity.

All our solution are verified and validated. We have very capable testing engineers who make sure that the product is completely verified. We also have a team of doctors who make sure that the product is completely validated and works in the way that the end users expect it to.

In summary, we continue to focus in the healthcare space and also deliver custom built, international quality solutions to our customers and partners.