Vision & Mission


Improving Healthcare Delivery


Leverage IT to enhance efficiency in healthcare delivery and improve quality of patient care

At Asclepius, whatever we do, is strongly guided by these words

.. Is the solution efficient? Is the solution optimum for the client?

.. Is the solution improving healthcare delivery? Is it clearly impacting delivery?

.. Is the solution improving quality? How are you making the lives better?

.. Is it impacting the patient care ? Does the benefit reach the patient

Our Values

Integrity: At Asclepius, there is only one way to get things done- the correct way. Means take precedence over ends. At the core of all that we do, there is an unsaid rule of trust and responsibility for our actions which are consistently driven by the core values. As a philosophy, we reinforce it every day in our commitment to deliver value to our clients. At Asclepius, it has moved from being just a core value to become a way of doing business

Camaraderie: Your problem is our problem. We deliver because we are together. The same belief transcends in our relationship with our clients. At Asclepius, we have created an ecosystem of faith, responsibility and trust which transcends in a confidence that each one of us will be taken care of. We carry the same values to our clients taking responsibility for every solution we deliver and being accountable for all our deliveries

Growth: If we stand still, we believe we are going backwards. In a technology intensive industry, we are running a marathon to stand where we are- at the fore front of technology- delivering value to all our stakeholders- our clients, our clients' patients, our investors, our employees and our vision. At Asclepius, every employee stands for growth- to stay on the move and to build a firm which on the move.