About Us

The Rare Force

Asclepius Consulting is a unique company best positioned to develop business and software solutions for mid size hospitals and nursing homes in India. It delivers the world class solutions exclusively for you at affordable costs.

The Focus

The company is dedicated to health care in India. Each team member is passionate about health care and has various depth of experience in this field. This separates it from other run of the mill software companies who try to do everything. The team has Indian perspective in mind and develops products keeping Indian needs in mind. Force fitting foreign made solutions always give sub optimal results.

The Approach

Asclepius Consulting understands and develops solutions individually for each client. It understands that each client is unique and develops dedicated solutions delivering the best value for each.

It partners till solutions and tools are integrated in the client organization. It evaluates its success by use of its solutions and not by one time sale. Real value is created only when solutions get completely embedded in client's process.

The Team

Asclepius Consulting brings a rare mix of Doctors, Management Consultants and Software experts. All team members are educated from the top Institutes including IIT & IIM. They have extensive experience in international organization (GE Healthcare), with cutting edge technology and business practices.

At Asclepius Consulting, we leverage modern management skills and IT tools to improve health care delivery, step change clinical performance and improve patient service level

Our Services

The company specializes in clinical information system (CIS) and business process consulting for mid size hospitals. It has the capability to deliver end-to-end software solutions for hospitals in India.

Management Consulting

Asclepius Consulting helps hospitals and nursing homes to improve performance by delivering breakthrough changes in the business process.

The team of consultants works with the client to analyze current business process and identify gaps vs. best industry practices. It develops and implements creative business solutions to meet unique client situations

Charak suite of Healthcare IT products

Asclepius owns a world class suite of CIS/HIS software products- called Charak. Charak products focus on all areas of clinical information system- - patient records, diagnosis, medication, etc. It has additional capability to cover hospital information system- scheduling, billing, inventory management etc. Asclepius' subject matter experts configure the product to the unique need of the customers

Made to order software solutions (MTOSS)

At Asclepius we know that every hospital is unique and it faces diverse challenges idiosyncratic to its environment. Given the deep healthcare industry knowledge and expertise in IT delivery, the Asclepius team is uniquely qualified to undertake specific assignments- offering IT backed solutions to your hospital

The team of world class developers and management consultants leverage extensive global best practices and technology to develop robust, simple and innovative solutions

Implementation and Lifecycle Management

Asclepius partners till the solutions and tools are completely embedded in the client process. It assists in various ways viz.: Configuring the modular software product; Offering functional & technical training; Drive change management in the organization etc.