At Asclepius, we are clear and unequivocal in our mission - Leverage IT to enhance efficiency in healthcare delivery and improve quality of patient care. The focus is to find effective and efficient solutions and IT enable them to achieve sustainable and tangible impact for our customers

To achieve this, Asclepius Consulting has developed a unique delivery methodology for offering solutions to its clients.

Unlike a standard IT product installation, we believe, a hospital is a living organization with specific idiosyncrasies with a unique set of capabilities and different set of challenges. We respect the individual aspects that define each hospital and believe in designing innovative solutions for unlocking the potential of the hospital.

Our three step delivery process are built on a strong six - sigma delivery methodology, proven globally across industries to deliver maximum customer value

Business process analysis

Developing solutions


We begin an engagement with a business process analysis of the hospital to identify opportunities for improvement, unlocking potential and achieving operational efficiencies. Often, the processes in the hospital have evolved on a legacy manner with no conscious effort to optimize processes and achieve efficiencies. We conduct an end to end business process analysis and use cutting edge business process framework to identify opportunities.

The opportunities are mapped as process changes, discussed with the top management and an implementation road map is chalked out for the same.

Further we identify the processes which can achieve their true potential through IT-enabling the processes and develop innovative solutions for rolling out the recommended processes. Those solutions which directly fit as a product feature for Charak are implemented as a backbone for the IT solutions. However, for the specific process requirements for the hospital while we design and implement simple and elegant solutions to offer an end-to-end IT solution for the process improvements.

Our experience shows that the IT tools in the Indian healthcare industry run the risk of poor adoption and low utilization if the entire solution is not implemented as an end-to-end solution. To achieve our ultimate objective of IT implementation in the hospital, we offer services to handhold the organization through the delivery process. One of the biggest causes of failure of such a BPR exercise has been the lack of decisive direction provided by the leadership. Asclepius offers to support the senior hospital leadership to drive these changes, implement solutions through unique change management tools like workshops, train-the-trainer approach, mass communication etc.

We have also found that several such process implementation run the risk of failure due to the 'dragging nature' of endless implementation with poor control on project time. With professional consultants in the team, Asclepius rolls out a detailed project charter in the beginning of the project and delivers results in the shortest duration possible. Typically an end-to-end solution implementation may span 6 to 10 weeks depending on the complexity of operations.

With a rare mix of experience across all aspects of delivery, Asclepius is confident of finding the right tailor-made solution for your hospital.