Our commitment to offer tangible solutions transcends to our implementation services. Instead of installing the software products and walking away, we propose to stay back and implement our solutions so as to realize the true value of our solutions. At Asclepius we know that the value realized is not complete even after providing the customers the right tools including software applications or product. The real value is realized when the improved process is completely assimilated in to customer's operations.

To achieve seamless 'adoption' of solutions, we hand hold our clients through the transition process. While our technology team conducts several quality checks and testing cases to ensure seamless transition from paper based processes to IT enabled processes, the implementation team works closely with the end users to make sure that they are adequately trained and motivated to use these IT tools. Our team leverages unique implementation and change management tools to ensure seamless and quick adoption of the IT tools

Typically, we conduct hands on training and workshop for a core group of users, who act as champions of the IT team and further carry out the training sessions to the next set of users, under the guidance of our trainers. This train-the-trainer approach is a globally accepted best practice to ensure that there are internal champions leading wider acceptability and at least the internal champions are using the IT tools completely

Similarly, we develop structured communication plan for different stakeholders within the hospital for change management. We partner closely with the senior leadership to ensure that the messages are consistent and there is lesser resistance to the transition process