Corporate social responsibility

The software has a clear focus on improving the healthcare delivery to the end customer- the PATIENT

Asclepius aims to enable the doctors and the healthcare infrastructure with adequate processes and IT tools to significantly improve the patient health

Our solutions aim at improving the patient safety by minimizing errors in patient care and making healthcare accessible to the masses.

We leverage technology to get the care providers and the patients in one virtual room- thus revolutionizing healthcare delivery for rural and inaccessible patients

Reaching the furthest customers

Tele-medicine in India has still not reached its potential despite the best efforts from multiple stakeholders- government, doctors, and private hospitals. Conceptually, this was seen as the next wave of innovation in Indian healthcare, where even the rural and far-flung locations would have access to quality healthcare and premier doctor's advice by creating a virtual interface for capturing symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

It has been acknowledged that the technology to support tele-medicine has not been able to deliver the required solutions at an affordable cost. Inefficient protocols for data transfer and poor standardization have still required the need of significant doctors on the field and has been unable to bring quality healthcare to the all the needy patients

At Asclepius we develop solutions to facilitate and standardize such IT solutions, whereby doctors are able to reach multiple patients efficiently- remotely connected through smart and simple clinical information systems

Lowering the healthcare cost per patient

Current healthcare delivery mechanisms are plagued with inefficient processes, repetitive activities and complex workflows. Evidently this has led to higher costs of operation, which is eventually passed on to the customer. On the other hand, given the criticality of services, patients have historically been paying arbitrary premiums to access the healthcare services.

Organized hospitals have targeted these costs to improve profitability, while small hospitals continue to pass on the high cost of operations to the patients. At the other end of spectrum are the government hospitals, which suffer from greater inefficiencies, but operate on altruist motives- thus operating on significant grants. Clearly, the absence of steady revenue streams and high operating costs have impacted the quality of patient care, while continuously drawing tax-payer's money

Asclepius is committed to efficiency and has a clear focus on reducing the overall cost of patient care. At Asclepius, we develop innovative ideas and cutting edge technology at a very affordable cost- thereby minimizing overall cost of patient care. We strongly believe that such cost reduction shall ultimately reach the patients thus reducing their healthcare burden

Patient protection and healthcare integrity

Historically, the hospitals in India do not have a clear accountability to patient safety and thus poor patients continue to be exploited by negligence and poor healthcare delivery. Increasingly the patients have reached out to judiciary and several patient protection laws have been enforced to identify the negligence cases and ensure quality of patient care. However the legal recourse has been slow and tedious- while it has started breaching the trust shared between the doctor and the patient.

Asclepius believes that while our solutions will protect the patient from such exploitation on one hand- it will demonstrate the integrity of the doctors on the other hand. The documentation and data generated through the CIS solutions have globally been accepted as a legal proof and have helped greater accountability from the doctors. On the other hand, the same data has been able to demonstrate the quality of the doctors with the 'proof of intention'- and have protected them from false indictments

Overall, Asclepius is committed to the expand the scope of its solutions from being just a healthcare consulting and solutions provider to transforming the lives of all stakeholders in the industry