End to Case study


The consulting practice at Asclepius is drawing from our commitment to deliver efficient and effective solutions for our client.

With our commitment and thought leadership in the healthcare industry, we are confident of identifying the opportunities within the hospitals and demonstrate tangible recommendation backed with our IT delivery capabilities

Whether the focus is on strategy or operations, on organizational change or strategic business technology, our team is committed to helping clients improve their services, their business relationships and their bottom line economics. Our consultants are known for their highly collaborative, team-oriented approach to working with our clients and deliver 'high performance process' solutions. Overall, we leverage our technology team to develop the specific and meaningful IT solutions for our clients.

Typically, we are engaged by our clients for:

  • Organization wide business process re-engineering (BPR)
  • Operations de-bottlenecking
  • Organizational structure
  • Clinical workflow improvement
  • Market entry strategy and Business model
  • New hospital set up
  • Financial modeling and analysis

We have developed unique methodology for analysis and delivery of recommendations, whereby we develop client specific solutions in a structured and robust manner. We have a focus on developing tangible solutions in close collaboration with the client team to ensure seamless handover and transition.

As a project charter, we agree on the deliverables and offer tangible outputs- either in form of process maps, organization structure design, financial model etc. as required. Our quality policy and six sigma delivery methodology forces us to remain committed to a tangible output- which can be further translated into an IT solution.