Six Sigma Quality

Delivery Methodology

Identify Process Gaps

Asclepius consultants analyse the existing process and compare it with the ideal design. The gaps between the two are analyzed and right tools & techniques are selected to lead the organization to ideal state.

Leverage Charak Software

It leverages its Charak suite of software products, specially developed for mid size hospitals and nursing homes in order to improve the business process. The products under Charak are completely configurable and are modular in nature. Asclepius' subject matter experts work with the customers to configure the product to the unique need of the customers.

Provide Training

Asclepius utilizes in - house developed training packages to get users up to speed. It believes in over offering hand holding in initial days so that users can see the merit early on. The trainings are both technical and functional in nature. The technical training is for the IT Staff of the customers and functional trainings are for the end users of the product.

Asclepius partners in the process till recommendations are implemented. It understands that the value realized is not complete even after providing the right tools and applications. The real value is realized when the improved processes are completely assimilated in customer's operations.

Quality Policy

All our solution are verified and validated. We have very capable testing engineers who make sure that the product is completely verified. We also have a team of doctors who make sure that the product is completely validated and works in the way that the end user expects it to.

Six Sigma

Asclepius Consulting is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality of customer service and provide enriched customer experience. This is achieved through a conscious adoption of the globally acclaimed six sigma delivery methodology for our products and services

Six sigma delivery methodologies aim at delivering predictable and repeatable results again and again with only three errors every million transactions! The core of the Six Sigma methodology is a data-driven, systematic approach to problem solving, with a focus on customer impact. At Asclepius, we adopt the globally accepted six step DMADOV methodology to ensure that our software products and customer solutions ' delight ' the customers

The Six Steps of Six Sigma (DMADOV)


Identify Product/ Process Performance & Reliability CTQ ' s (Critical To Quality parameters), Set Quality Goals clearly define the definition of ' quality '


Develop the detail CTQ Flow down and Transfer Function Structure together with clear methodology for measuring quality


Develop Conceptual Designs, and design for reliability together with requisite scorecards and risk assessments


Build system & sub-system models and identify specific design activities which influence the quality parameters


Optimize the design to yield a robust and error proof design, tested for tolerance and stress conditions


Verify the products through structured test cases and develop control plans at the client site. Participate in usage history, document implementation cases and errors on field

For Asclepius, we deploy the six sigma methodology at the design stage and try to ensure lesser errors in the beginning

This has led the organization to move from a reactive design quality to a predictive design quality.

  • We don't create design requirements iteratively, instead we derive them directly from customer requirements
  • We don't rework or tweak the design, instead we control the critical design parameters
  • We don't just build and test, instead we model and simulate with process capabilities
  • We don't just measure end results, we use statistical tools to predict quality

What does it mean to my hospital?

Overall, this approach translates to less errors and a robust solution.

Healthcare as it is a very 'real time' and 'high cost of error' industry. A mistake in an IT tool can have disastrous results. An unstable system can crash frequently thus irritating an already time-constrained doctor. A poor product may give unexpected results on increased systems loads. Further, a robust design gives smart and efficient algorithms, which optimize the available resources without unnecessarily increasing the costs of the system.

Here at Asclepius, we adopt the global best practices for software development to ensure the product quality is at an industry standard- than just yield superficial results